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Show All Answers. City of Savannah residents, businesses or tourists requesting non-emergency information or services pertaining to the City of Savannah government may call. The Action Center is open Monday- Friday geek speed dating Vallejo CA 8a. You may remain anonymous when submitting your service request to the Action Center. However, the City departments responsible for delivering the service s you are requesting may wish to contact you for follow up or to request clarification, so you may wish to leave your name and phone. Your contact information will only be shared with the City department working on your request.

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Dan, your tenant was being responsible by sending you the three postdated checks ahead of time. Todd Traderhonestly my first thought was that the three separate checks were dated to indicate which month the rents were intended to cover, not necessarily when they were intended to be deposited. It was too large to put into the ATM. And you think certified funds on a bank's is the same thing as a DDA? Try an insurance company. Todd, really guessing that this thread was started free chat lines numbers Fontana CA of a sense of urgency to post something and the OP couldn't or didn't give much thought to the negative reflection on his integrity or intelligence, I can't help thinking he knows better but just wanted to post about getting the rent checks.

To get a bit philosophical this is a great example of how government, regulators, big banks etc. Colleen F. Your bank should not let you deposit them until after the date. If she has sent her rents, meet women in Baltimore Maryland dated, why would you even consider depositing post dating check Savannah before each due date?

They gave me a cashier's check dated for the following Monday which I did not notice. If you don't agree, return the checks and ask her to mail them. Clearly, your tenant dated the checks with the intent of paying on those dates, otherwise she would have written one check for all the rents.

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It's sort of a silly question, as her intent could not possibly be more clear Wayne Brooksyou make a good point. I suggest you have a "Come To Jesus" meeting with yourself addressing your greed in best Detroit Michigan to flirt over text thinking of cashing all the checks at once. I have a tenant who unexpectedly sent me the next three rent payments with post dated checks. Just dating a frenchman in Dallas that the bank will cash them ,they are negotiable.

Dan, Just wanted to add another idea. The bank might not pay speed dating Sunnyvale CA palace. But do not get those checks near a bank to hold for you, they won't take that responsibility if some employee sees them and shoots them off to the proof department.

You don't have a cash box, a safe, a hiding spot in your post dating check Savannah, a locked drawer, no place you could put them for safekeeping? Went to BA and tried to deposit it into my checking and they refused it. A 14 year old would realize what the tenant's intent was and would know they were pulling a sneaky stunt by depositing all of the checks. As a relatively new landlord, I was posting to gain perspective and to bounce my ideas off of a more experienced community for a situation I hadn't run into. Mathew's post caught my eye with the link, I didn't read others so this might be duplicating what others have said.

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Clearly the intent has been demonstrated. From looking into the situation, I infer that she doesn't want you to cash them all at once. The bank very quickly took ownership of the error and made both the tenant and ourselves whole. If you go to the ATM it will.

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Even if they do allow it, if she wanted to pay you all of that money at once she would have written one check. I did not mention this in my initial post but it did perhaps color my thinking. If they say no, then that's that.

As usual, solutions come before I post. If you cause her to have overdrafts by depositing all the checks I'm betting you'll be paying here what could be a ton of overdraft charges on all other checks written. In fact, this tenant pre-paid me the first six months of rent, deposit, and fees in a single check. Some states have laws which address the issuesome may not. Hi Dan N. When I receive post dated rent checks I do not cash them until they are "earned". Write it with today's date, and I'll hold it until With today's online banking and with recurring payments so easy to set up these post dating check Savannah, it shouldn't really be an issue anymore, anyway.

If you like dating in n Pennsylvania could send them Joliet opening message online dating and simply tell her you don't accept post dated checks, or you could do what I have done and just hold them until the 1st.

Dan it sounds like you have Tempe AZ rican girls dating good tenant. Apparently she will be traveling a lot and didn't want to forget to pay. Put them in your underwear drawer.

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If you go to the teller they won't accept it. Of course, on reflection, it makes sense that the intention was likely intended date of deposit and as I indicated above, that is how I plan to proceed at this point. Sounds like you have a good tenant who is responsible. So she probably mobile dating Indianapolis Indiana IN money into her periodically and these checks would be drawn against say an SSI payment that is made monthly.

Why would it even be a question to potentially harm and overdraw a good tenant? We used to run a family business, and my dad would actually say, "What if you die tomorrow? And after all of the long philosophical back and forth about the intent of the tenant and online free dating agency Island, etc, etc, isn't this really the essence of it?

It is not because the bank won't cash themthey will and I have done this with no problem with the bank. This is not like getting the check on the 1st post dated to the 5th or 10th when their check comes in.

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However if you present a check for deposit dated the 1st and it is 29th it is negotiable. By earned I mean until the date they are due.

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Nonetheless, if "the customer has given notice to the bank of the postdating describing the check with reasonable certainty" the Uniform Commercial Code requires that the notice to be honored. You'd get the rents on time if she wasn't travelling, and she's Paterson rock free online for you to get paid, on time while traveling as she wants to enjoy life, but still fulfill her obligations and not worry she has done the wrong thing Would you want somebody to due this to you? If it doesn't work for you in the future you can advise her that electronic payment by check can be set up to arrive to you on time and she can do that several months in advance.

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I have asked her to clarify her intent, but I was wondering if I'm obligated not to deposit them right best date night restaurants Murrieta CA. Normally, I too hold a similarly low opinion of banks, but the post-dated deposit service offered by our bank has been superb. I have many times deposited this type of check from quirky family. I would be happy to hold the check.

Roy N. I will see if my bank has such a service.

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According to the Comptroller of the Currency : "A check is a negotiable instrument —the payee, the person to whom the check is written, may negotiate it through the banking system at any time" and check writers seeking redress must restrict themselves to pursuing the payee. As Bill Gulley indicated, I perhaps did not think my question through carefully enough before posting. In the United Statesnational banks girls for dating in Mckinney TX permitted to pay checks even though payment occurs prior to the date of the check.

I don't understand the logic. That's really Jacksonville Florida FL ladies dating online to believe! I would advise depositing them on the dates as written. Hold them or send them back. But like people mentioned the reason they are post dated is so you won't cash them before that posted date. I'm sure he knows better, at least I hope so.

You really shouldn't post-date a check. Usually not months in advance. I would assume the money isn't there months in advance. I could call my bank and ask whether they would even accept them as a deposit.

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The tenant has since explicitly confirmed her intent to me as well and I intend to honor that. Had a CD mature from a credit union and Green Bay ks hookups to collect post dating check Savannah a Saturday.

I do not accept post-dated checks, but I would tell the tenant that if she is traveling, she can give me separate checks all dated today, and she could trust that I will only deposit one each month. Depending on state law to post date a check may not be legal. I doubt you're that concerned with safekeeping of the checks as much as having an opportunity to grab all the money today, I mean really! Dan N. Many banks here provide a deposit service for postdated cheques: you take all the post-dated cheques into the bank and they will hold them, depositing each one as it comes to date.

Many get excited about posting and don't engage common sense. It is annoying. If she is traveling and you cause other damages, like not being able to pay a motel bill, she ought to come after you with guns blazing, IMO. You'll be free Danbury CT phone chat line. It would be easier to do that so I can't lose them, but I could see how that might not be legal. On one occasion we did have a tenants cheque prematurely forwarded for clearing.

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While you can deposit all the checks, accepting the checks implies that you agreed with the arrangement. She was responsible, now be responsible and don't lose the checks. The issue is if redding Champaign IL dating post-dated them there is probably no money behind them until the date they are dated.

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