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Not everyone using online dating sites is looking for love. Scammers create fake online profiles using photos of other people — even stolen pictures of real military personnel.

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Across the nation, con artists are scamming parents and grandparents out of thousands of dollars by claiming an urgent emergency involving or grandchild, posing as kidnappers demanding ransom or grandchildren in distress. There are different variations of this scam. Often, a grandparent receives a frantic call from someone they believe to be their grandchild. The supposed grandchild sounds distressed and may be calling from a noisy location. The supposed grandchild claims to be involved in some type of trouble while traveling in Canada or overseas, such as being arrested or in a car accident or needing emergency car repairs, and asks the grandparent to immediately wire dating in Petersburg for free to post bail or pay for medical treatment or car repairs. The scammer typically asks for several thousand dollars, and may even call back again several hours or days later asking for more money.

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On Friday, Nov. As of Nov. Officials were reaching out to voters in an effort to resolve issues before the Nov. Connect with the definitive source for global and local news.

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The United States Census Bureau reported that there were 3, registered voters during the midterms. The Maricopa County Elections Jacksonville Florida FL ladies dating online tweeted on Election Day that voting centers use Sharpies so that ink does not smudge when ballots are counted. Votes counted so far in Wisconsin: 3, That figure does not include people who registered and voted on the same day.

Yet posts online suggested there was a sharpiegate conspiracy in Arizona.

Several other names were also used online to make the false assertion that dead people were voting. Later, a woman in a blue shirt can be seen doing the same.

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One version of the video used Chicago Il ms dating make the false claim received more than 1 million views on Twitter on Friday. The video then shows that a vote was received from Donna Brydges in Ludington, Michigan, for the Nov. That would make her years old!

Grandparent-family emergency scam

The Associated Press checked them out. It actually showed legitimate voters. Delaware County has been allowing Pennsylvania residents to watch the livestream since they first began streaming the vote count on Nov. Posts online shared at least three different videos of Delaware County election workers to suggest that voter fraud Newport RI aged men dating taking place.

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By Wednesday afternoon, nearly 3. Video shows Pennsylvania election workers transcribing damaged ballots. Social media users are taking footage from livestreams of the vote count to rapidly spread false information about the close race for president in Pennsylvania.

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In one video, the name Donna Brydges is entered with a birth date fromwhich would make her years old. Ballot-stuffing video was shot in Russia, not Michigan. The posts rely on a video that shows names of voters being entered into the Michigan Voter Registration Center.

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He was bringing down equipment for our hour shift. The AP confirmed the video with county officials who said they were also transcribing ballots and observers were present. Petersburg VA connections dating does not show votes by dead residents in Michigan. The videos were shared prominently by pro-Trump s on Facebook and Twitter.

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In order to count those votes, the man in the video was manually transcribing the votes from the damaged ballots to a clean ballot so they could be properly scanned. Wagon filmed at Detroit vote center held camera gear, fun date restaurants Kansas ballots. For example, someone born in is accidentally recorded as being born inWimmer said. Here are the facts:.

The damaged ballots were positioned next to the new ones for election observers to witness, and they were preserved. The Associated Press.

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All rights reserved. A look at false and misleading claims and videos that followed date in Berwyn in the Nov. None of these are legit, even though they were shared widely on social media.

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CLAIM: A student dating Nyc NY shows election workers in Delaware County, Pennsylvania, stamping clean ballots as received and then filling them in, which proves that voter fraud is taking place. One of them is standing, and can be seen putting ballots into a white box. Bleed through is not a concern as ballots are programmed to ignore bleed. The tweet had more than 19, retweets. The machines will successfully count your ballot but not your vote, because the machines only detect black pen ink!

Behind them there are two polling booths.

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But the day of the election, officials had made clear the Sharpies were given out on purpose. When processing ballots, county officials rely on a machine extractor to open the ballots and some ballots become damaged during the process, preventing them from being scanned. The Associated Press reached out to Brydges, whose contact information was listed in the voting information. This can occur for a of reasons.

Not real news: a look at what didn’t happen this week

In the video, there are five poll workers in a room. According to Delaware County election officials, the video was cropped to remove the bipartisan observers watching over election workers from 6 feet away, a distance that was agreed upon by the county Election Bureau and the former Republican chairman of the Delaware County Council.

However, the original video was not expectations dating Myrtle in Michigan — or in the United States.

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She answered the phone and confirmed her identity. Wisconsin did not count more votes than there are registered voters.

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On Thursday, social media users began widely sharing the video anew, this time with false claims it was evidence of election fraud in Flint, Michigan. It appeared in a Washington Post story about ballot-stuffing in Russia in This caused the tabulation machine to cancel the meeting women in Detroit. The false claims were shared online with the hashtag stopthesteal, which has been circulated in recent days to suggest that votes are being stolen from Trump.

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Ludington is in Mason County. Currently, there are approximately ballots that need to be cured and each voter is being free native Topeka KS dating via phone or overnight mail. Total of registered voters: 3, Total of votes cast: 3, The tweet had over 9, retweets.