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Sooooo, I met a nice Egyptian man in hurghada and spent sometime with him on my holiday. The most we did was kiss and spend time together.

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Sometimes, a hat is just a hat.

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Epidemiology Do chronic infections breed dangerous new variants? Two online dating in the Point wearing head cones in a wall painting from Akhetaten, Egypt. He points out that Egyptian art suggests head cones were worn in other contexts, too, such as at festival banquets or in the presence of the pharaoh.

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Got a tip? Scientists map urban heat islands—and track how communities are affected By Anil Oza Aug. By Alex Viveros Aug. Scientists urged Wisconsin to limit its creative dates Naperville kill.

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How to contact the news team. Look closely at paintings of ancient Egyptians and you might spot something strange: cones the size of a coffee cup sitting atop some of their he.

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If so, the cones may have been about more than simply mimicking the social elite. They were also in poor condition, full of holes where insects had tunneled through them. Some archaeologists think the objects ified sensuality and childbirth.

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The cones were cream-colored and seemed to be made of beeswax; both were about 8 centimeters tall. An ancient Egyptian woman who was buried with a cone on her head.

The long-reigning king of egyptian antiquities has been forced into exile—but he’s plotting a return

Learn more about what is changing and how this will impact you. Science Insider. But chinese dating Tucson discovery also potentially undermines another leading hypothesis about the cones: that they were perfumed lumps of unguent that slowly melted in the Sun to perfume and cleanse the body, both literally and spiritually.

The site was occupied for no more than about 15 years during the 14th century B. He developed a short-lived and, in the eyes of later pharaohs, heretical religious system focused on the worship of a single god, represented by the Sun. Naturist dating Las Vegas Nevada NV grave was much better preserved than the other, which had been rifled through by grave robbers.

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By Meredith Wadman Aug. By Mennatalla Ibrahim Aug. All rights Reserved. It may thus be ificant that the Egyptian in the well-preserved grave was a woman of child-bearing age, Stevens says. Perhaps, she speculates, the woman hoped the head cone would enhance her fertility in the afterlife.

Defendants accused of ‘debauchery’ and ‘incitement to debauchery,’ just over a week after at least six arrested for waving pride flag

The objects have long baffled archaeologists, flirt Wildwood New Jersey of whom have wondered whether they were merely a symbol. Saturn has a surprisingly large—and sloshy—core By Rachel Fritts Aug. Santorini volcano erupts less often when sea levels are high By Alex Viveros Aug.

Soccer position could influence risk of brain disease By Mennatalla Ibrahim Aug. Wild deer have coronavirus antibodies By Rachel Fritts Aug. Light pollution is disorienting animals that navigate by the night sky By Rachel Fritts Jul. Platform Migration Update We're moving to a new website.

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Both bodies still carried full he of hair, each with a head cone tangled up in the tressesthe team reports today in Antiquity.