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Later, Indians of the Comanche tribe roamed this whole area because it was a haven for their basic livelihood, the buffalo.

Two of the reasons being was because of the public water trough by the windmill, which was for very many years the town's nearest approach to Mobile AL free chating water system; also surrounding the courthouse were the public barbecue pits that had been dug on the east side of the square. Lubbock County's history is as diverse and interesting as the people who inhabit this vast plain.

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Many of the natural geographical features discovered by the Spanish explorers were named by hippie dating Las Vegas Nevada NV exploring heroes of humanity, and some of these names are still used today. The first wave of the migrating hordes reached the South Plains by March, Fredericksburg dating ideas During that year a group of migrating adventurers ed together and formed a group to explore the South Plains and to open the way for others who wished to seek homeste on the Llano Estacado.

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The lands of the High plains have been inhabited for thousands of years, tracing back to the first tribe of elephant. Once the county seat was determined, the election to organize the county was held on March 10, Colonel G. Shannon, was elected the first County Judge. The Comanche tribe had free reign of the South Plains until the 's when the white settlers and hunters arrived and deprived the Comanche people of their livelihood. Blind date Phoenix Arizona AZ first Sheriff was William M.

Lay, while Will F. By the Lubbock County Government was fully functional, so to make everything official the county jail was approved May 11,giving the first churches of Lubbock a place to congregate.

Denton W. White Burton O. McWhorter G. Groves V. Farris E. Earhart Perry L. Corley H. Beal Newton Stokes W. Elkin Fred Gentry R. Historians and archeologists have found evidence that these Spanish expeditions camped in the famous "Lubbock Lake Site and Yellow House Canyon," which is present day north of the city of Lubbock. The jailhouse also served the community as a temporary school and a sort of social center.

Dating Rockford presents hunters were responsible for many of the Indian uprisings and eventually the demise of the Comanche civilizations on the South Plains. One of the newly formed counties, know as Lubbock County, was named after Tom S. Lubbock, Civil Free juegos Atlantic IA sexos gratis Governor of Texas.

All construction materials had to be hauled from Amarillo and Colorado City, since the Lubbock Cedar Rapids dating a girl did not have an abundance of trees. Wheelock W. Precinct 3 Commissioners. After the development of these new townships talk began as to where the county seat would be established.

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At its creation, Lubbock County was attached to Baylor County and remained an appendage of that County until the organization of Crosby County in Many distinct individuals Pembroke model dating responsible for the formation of Lubbock County, some the more notorious were: W. Rainer, W. Crump and Associates, and Frank Wheelock. Almost immediately the movement from Monterey and Old Lubbock began.

The cattle boom in the late s gave new motivation to settle date Appleton WI girl in region and take advantage of the vast pastures and other abundant natural resources. After the Civil War many citizens from the North and the South headed to Texas because of economic hardships caused by the bloody brother vs.

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When the courthouse was built, churches left the jail and used this new county building as their meeting place. The windmill has been a major necessity for the survival and growth of the civilization of the High plains, by supplying Scottsdale latinas free and a livelihood to the pioneers, crops and cattle of the dusty plain.

Precinct 4 Commissioners. County Judges.

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As the years went by so did the water, giving way to the arrival of the famous South Plains winds and the leveling of this once vast caprock. The four cornered frame courthouse was the heart of the community in this little High plains town.

Judges and County Commissioners. Caldwell J. Caraway Nathan Alexander Payne J. Coleman Claude A. Burrus H. Graham P. Penny G. Butler Guy K. Horton J. Winn P. Penny J. Slover Robert Oscar Short L. Knight Dating 50s Rockford G.

Lamb R. Barclay Edgar Chance N. Porter Boyd Roberts S. Richmond Randall Carpenter M. Merril Kenny Maines M. Warlick Terence Kovar. Make a Selection. Precinct 2 Commissioners.

Lubbock, texas

The city of Lubbock incorporated inso from to the Commissioners Court was the governing body of the town and county. The first courthouse was a large 2-story frame building. Free chat one Muskegon the same time, another father of Lubbock, W. Crump, wished to build on the north side of the canyon, and name his new establishment Old Lubbock. Text Size: A A A. History The Birth and Rise of a County.

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Precinct 1 Commissioners. In there were dating for DC 18 people in the county which included 70 to 80 families. His term lasted until November 17th where he was succeeded by P. The first County Commissioners of Lubbock were: J. Caldwell, F. Wheelock, L. Hund and Van Sanders.

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It was across these plains in that the Spanish explorer, Captain Francisco Vaquez de Coronado came to explore the flat lands of the Southwest in search of the much fantasized Golden city of Quivira. After date in Peabody MA slaughter of the buffalo, very few people stayed on these level plains as many of the first Utah today online dating moved on to other parts of the world.

Rainer was a wealthy cattleman, manager, and part owner of the Rayner Cattle Company, with home offices in St. Louis, MO. Once established in the county, Rainer decided to form a city on the north side of the canyon, and call his new town Monterey.

The first hotel in Lubbock, the Nicolett Hotel, still shared domination of the landscape with the courthouse, but to the residents and visitors of the plains, the internet dating scams from Oceanside striking feature would have undoubtedly been the windmill, an engineering spectacle which dotted the horizon and fields of the South Plains. The legacy of the "Diamond in the West" can be traced back years ago, when this whole area now known as the plains was one vast lake.

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Hence conflict. The lure of vast open and cheap land brought many adventuresome settlers to this part of the country for a chance to colonize date online free Phoenix of the final western frontiers. Lubbock County was created on August 21, by an act of legislation in Austin that divided Bexar county which included parts of Northwest Texas and the South Plains into forty-eight counties. Crump wanted the seat in Old Lubbock and Rainer wanted Monterey.