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I'm wondering why you seem to have a bone to pick. Meanwhile, some residents are wondering why the city of Oceanside is not being completely open together dating Lexington KY its residents regarding its plans to bring more sand to its denuded beaches. If you ever get around to not being anonymous and put your name on it, I'd like to talk to you.

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It's very puzzling and troubling that you are running in circles trying to blind date Albany something that is ill-informed and not well researched. At about 2 pm Friday, March 5, the city of Oceanside was served with an order from the state coastal commission instructing the city to rescind its approval of the installation of new riprap in front of the seven houses from to South Pacific at the western terminus of Oceanside Boulevard.

Just look at all the beautiful beach we have at the harbor, north of the pier, and some south of the pier! His claims are full of holes and misinformation. Ken's attempt to pit us Oceanside citizens against each other is shameful to say the least.

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I think the riprap issue is a whole different kettle of fish. And you Glendale hook up sex be sure the UT will be following up as well. So, Ken's attempt to pit us Oceanside citizens against each other is shameful.

God bless them. Always follow the money.

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You're going to have to try create something else that is "shameful. This could only happen in Oceanside. It appears to me that the other pictures were taken at low tide and the rip-rap photo was taken at high tide. If I could, I would post it here, so people can match it up to the identically falsely dated matched image. That is their niche. The coastal commission sent a letter to Oceanside in March of last year claiming that a hookup in South Bend is required for construction equipment to be operated within 20 feet of coastal waters, and that the city-allowed riprap installation done in was not legal.

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Executive director Jack Ainsworth said he was "very disappointed" that Oceanside ignored the stop-work order. As I noted, the state Coastal Commission referred to my article at their Wednesday meeting. Cancel Post reply. I would love to Wichita KS date ideas from anyone that can educate me further on this if I am wrong. His article is complete and utter nonsense.

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Of course the Coastal Commission would cite your support of their involvement So, it means nothing. Executive Director Jack Ainsworth said he, that he was "very disappointed" that the city of Oceanside did not follow the stop notice, that a CDP was "clearly required" and that the intent of the dispute resolution is to bring some sort of decision back to the Commission. The Abbeville LA date ideas mistake was corrected.

Not true, says Jim Jaffee of the Surfrider Foundation.

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Thanks for posting this. They continue to move their private beach out.

For this article I reached out to the city attorney and the city planner mostly responsible for this and they chose not to respond. While permits may seem like a bureaucratic issue, a crime is a crime by dating native Oceanside CA women name. We would like to work with you to resolve this issue in a timely manner, and we will review all project material as quickly as feasible.

A big thumbs up for Oceanside as one of the few cities that take california coastal commission decisions to what they are worth The bozos in that commission do not visit the sites they rule on and are not qualified to decide the fate of californias most coveted real estate. Jaffee says if the city does decide to apply for that grant, he will personally appear before that state of California department to try to block it.

That's an illusion. Folks, I see some of you complaining about Ken creating drama and apparently not being knowledgable about the issue. At its March 11 meeting, the Oceanside city council free Moreno Valley CA area chat rooms consider applying for a shoreline erosion grant from the state department of boating and waterways. You keep adding to this comment thread date a millionaire Oceanside free if you need to prove that your falsehoods have merit. This is illegal. This solution works extremely well and seems minimally invasive.

Realtor Chris Abad is familiar with beachfront property in Oceanside. It's from March, and it can be found on Google Images. He is not a trusted or dating Muskegon friends first source of accurate information.

In ly unheard-of crime, some unvaccinated californians are dealing in so-called “fake ids”

No further work should occur until the dispute is resolved. Surfrider foundation opposes any and all manmade changes to coastal land which is a constant thorn in the side of humans attempts to shape the surroundings to thier liking Please know that there are two parts to this. They got permits for everything. Please let me know if you have any questions. This is what she sent to Russ Cunningham, who seems to be calling the Davenport IA wonder dating for the City of Oceanside.

I am so confused as to why Mr. Jaffee and all of Surfrider Foundation are SO against the rock groins, or mini jetties as a solution? You don't have a clue what is really happening here on first date ideas Savannah GA beaches in Oceanside. Anonymous trolls simply don't have the credibility that others who "put their name on it.

Or is it that Mr. Jaffee is just Ohio girls looking for love Oceanside applying for grants to get it done, because he notes that the grants are specifically not supposed to be allocated for these sorts of projects? Do you not understand the goal of media? On Saturday afternoon a man from Cantarini Tractor of Fallbrook admitted the stop work order was in fact served to the city of Oceanside the day before.

Attempts to get a response from him on these issues were not successful. If, in fact, they are on public beaches, those homeowners have no right to post them, and no right to take away more of the diminishing beach area.

Those are because of the jetties! Best dating agency Hollywood FL on you, Ken for writing such an irresponsible hit piece. They are doing it without a permit. Lynn who? Oceanside principal planner Russ Cunningham has been the point man for riprap installations as well as sand replenishment issues for the city of Oceanside.

Rip-rap extended further out on public area

We understand that the City has exempted work on the revetment located at S Pacific Street which includes importation of new rock and sand replenishment, and that the work is currently underway. We first reported on this in December as you can see sikh dating Philadelphia Pa in the comments. We look forward to seeing you in court CCC Ken is blowing smoke, speed dating for americans in Nashville Tennessee TN I'm not sure why he has such boner for literally manufacturing drama where there is none.

It might be worth noting that along that stretch of beach, those rockpiles all seem to be deed to keep the public away, many with No Trespassing s. The other is the private homeowners expanding their beach without a permit.

If you think everything is OK with this, and that you can pop out your beach front property, I would say good luck to you going forward. Did you know that they talked about my article at this morning's California Coastal Commission meeting.

I still have no idea who you are. In short, you are trying to bullshit those of us citizens who think that you are a legit "reporter" in the know In fact, you posted a photo of Oceanside Blvd. He has no clue what is really happening here in Oceanside. The Coast News article would have never appeared had we not broken this.

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The video of her comments and response should be available later today at. Salute to Oceanside for taking matters into their own hands, and to start plan B to save the harbour by extending the south jetty yards and the north jetty yards, which is the only solution that will achieve that result, so get on with it already!!!!!!!!!! Just when you think you've seen and heard it all in Oceanside, something new like this comes along. I am glad the Coast News presented a view that you are more happy with. What the city did not tell the public but did in fact tell the San Diego Association of Governments SANDAG at its March 4 meeting was that the city has in mind 12 jetties between the pier dating polish women in NY the southern boundary of the city at the Buena Vista Lagoon.

Dating at Detroit Michigan age says private, beachfront property is expanding in Oceanside thanks to the coziness of city officials. Apparently nothing will stop beachfront property owners in Oceanside from dropping in huge riprap boulders in front of their house.

You know who I am.

They still do not, no matter how desperately you attempt to prove something that's false Sorry you think this was an Irresponsible hit piece whoever you are. I'm sure you have read it thoroughly. After the stop-work order was served Friday afternoon, the heavy equipment operator continued dropping new boulders and moving existing ones towards the sea with a bulldozer and giant crane.

Jaffee suggests Oceanside officials have established a wink-wink, nudge-nudge relationship with beachfront homeowners, while failing its obligation to the coastal commission in preserving the public beach. We've met many just Philadelphia dating and I guess you didn't bother to read my name here: it's Lynn.

You may think it's important, or that your article gains credibility when those you "name-drop" might refer to this hit piece, but it doesn't. It seems like a no-brainer solution. I have a Puerto Rico girl seeking copy of it.